Owner Loans

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My Feedback!

An Owner Loan is a wonderful way to share your vacation property with family and friends.
And, Interval Servicing has a great way for you to make that happen. The online owner loan program lets you take charge. With it you can easily…

  • Process an Owner Loan for any of your contracts for the current year or for next year
  • View all the Owner Loans you have already processed for your contracts
  • Enter the names of all the guests for your Owner Loan on the same page
  • Update dates or guest information for your Owner Loans, including adding new guests or deleting others if travel plans change
  • Cancel an Owner Loan reservation
When you select your contract and the year for an online Owner Loan, the system will display the new Owner Loan Matrix, showing availability and Owner Loan reservations made for your week. This visual aid will help make processing your Owner Loan even easier as you will be able to see immediately if you have already deposited the unit in any other program such as the Internal Exchange or Rental Program.