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Resale Program

We hope you enjoy using your vacation ownership product for years to come. However, we understand that lifestyle changes may affect your ownership needs.

The Royal Resorts is now working with Vacatia providing members with resale services for their memberships in México. This new marketing channel offers new opportunities for members to reach a broader audience. For more information on what Vacatia has to offer or for inquiries regarding a listing you may have, contact Vacatia directly at www.Vacatia.com


The resale program for the Royal Resorts properties in the Caribbean is provided by Trident Sales and Marketing LTD and is operated by Interval Servicing. This full-service program provides closing, billing and account management services in connection with the sale of your unit. Optionally, sellers may offer financing to the buyer and Interval Servicing will provide payment and disbursement services associated with the sale.

When you list your property with Trident, you set the price, and terms from the options available in the program. Your unit is then marketed to the same quality guests that know the resort as you do.

To request the corresponding resale kit for your unit, please visit the members area. This kit will explain how the program works and the fees that apply.

Title Changes and Transfers

The Title Change process lets you add or remove names from your membership agreement. This is useful in the event of marriages, including children, or name changes. Title Transfers allow you to transfer the title to your membership to another individual such as when you sell your unit or if it is transferred to a beneficiary.

Interval Servicing provides this service on behalf of your resort. There is an administrative fee for performing Title Changes or Title Transfers. The process for either is the same.

To process a title change/transfer please contact Interval Servicing and a customer service representative will assist you and send you the required forms. If you prefer, click here to send us an online request. Be sure to include your membership or contract number with your request.

Title Changes – What to Know
  • Title Change forms must be notarized
  • Include a check for the administrative fee made payable to Interval Servicing. You may also pay with your credit card by calling us. Most major credit cards accepted.
  • Your original authenticated Membership Agreement is required. If you do not have your original agreement, you may substitute with a notarized Lost Membership Affidavit which can be downloaded from my.IntervalServicing.com
  • A signature from each person on the title or a copy of the following is required:
    • Certificate of death and court document appointing the executor/executrix with the appropriate signature. The executor/executrix must also sign the notarized title change forms.
    • Divorce decree with court signature and seal with the description of the membership/contract concerned.
    • Or, a notarized Power of Attorney.
  • A Title Change can only be processed when the Unit is available and not listed with any other program (e.g. internal or external exchange, rental, or resale program)
  • The account must be current and in good standing in order to process the request

If you are selling your unit, Interval Servicing also provides an Escrow Service. As escrow agent, we help reduce the potential risk of fraud by acting as a trusted third party that collects, holds, and disburses funds according to an escrow agreement.

Selling your unit and want to ensure funds clear before transferring title to the new member? We know that you value your vacation ownership product and we want you to feel sure that when you chose to, we can help you transfer it with confidence. Our Escrow Service takes the worry out of a resale transaction for both the seller and buyer.

Using our Escrow Service, resorts members can transact timeshare resale agreements without security concerns that may be associated with private transactions.

How It Works
As escrow agent, Interval Servicing acts as a liaison between the parties to a transaction. Escrow allows for purchase funds to be held in a secure account pending completion of all documentation required to effect a transfer of ownership. The buyer is assured that funds will not be disbursed until all required documents are properly executed and/or recorded. The seller is assured that payment for the documents being executed has been received by the Escrow Agent and is safe for disbursement upon receipt of the documents.

  • Step 1 – Contact a customer service representative for the Escrow and Title Change forms. Then, review and complete the Escrow Agreement by both parties.
  • Step 2 – Send Interval Servicing the completed Escrow and Title Change forms with the following two separate checks: The escrow fee may be paid as agreed between the Seller and Buyer. Both checks must be made payable to Interval Servicing.
  • Step 3 – After all documents are received and all required payments clear, within three (3) weeks, funds will be disbursed to the Seller and the unit will be released to the Buyer for their enjoyment.