External Exchanges & Point Programs

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External Exchanges

The exchange programs offered through Interval International (II) and Resort Condominiums International (RCI) are great options for those members who would like to use the flexibility of their vacation membership for travel to other destinations.

By submitting one's unit to an exchange company they are "depositing" or "banking" their unit. There are a variety of enrollment options offered by II and RCI and fees are customary for enrollment and performing an exchange. More information is available from their respective websites.

Enrollment is optional and is performed directly with either II or RCI. Interval Servicing does not charge for processing or verifying your unit.

Exchange Company Phone Website
Interval International 800-826-7211 www.intervalworld.com
RCI 800-338-7777 www.rci.com

To qualify for an external exchange, one's account must be in good standing and their unit cannot be enrolled in the Internal Exchange program or the Rental program.

Please note that the external exchange companies are not related to Interval Servicing. Information on their programs is presented for your convenience. You are encouraged to contact these companies directly for more information.

Points Programs

Royal Resorts Signature Club and Royal Resorts Caribbean Collection are programs offered by the Royal Resorts. For more information regarding these programs, please visit their respective websites.

Program Phone Website
RR Signature Club 888-882-9259 (US/CA) www.rrsignatureclub.com
RR Caribbean Collection 855-821-7722 (US/CA) www.royalresortscaribbean.com