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How do I sign in?
If you are registered for online access with the Royal Resorts, you can log into your account with us. A login box is conveniently located on most pages. Enter your email address and PIN, then click the "Login" button. Once you log in, you will have access to our member portal member portal.

To register with the Royal Resorts, click here.

What is my PIN?
Your Personal Identification Number (PIN) is assigned to your email address upon registration with the Royal Resorts website and is emailed to you. It is private to you and is used to authenticate you with the Royal Resorts and our websites. It is important that you do not share it.

Each member has a PIN unique to himself. Your PIN is different from your Client ID, People ID or Personal ID. Customer service representatives do not have access to your PIN.

If you forget your PIN, click here to request it be sent to your email.

Can I change my PIN?
Yes. You can change your PIN at the Royal Resorts website. Click the change password button. It may be located on the right side of their page.

Why am I having trouble signing in? A registered email address and PIN are required to log into the member portal. Check the following and if you need help, contact one of our representatives and they will assist you.

  • Incorrect email address - Check to be sure you've entered your email address correctly.
  • Incorrect PIN - Verify your PIN and try entering it again.
  • Email address is not registered with the Royal Resorts.

What is the procedure to follow for an Internal Exchange?
Follow these steps.

  • Log into the member portal. If at the main menu, select Internal Exchanges
  • Select the unit/week from which you would like to exchange
  • Enter resorts and dates you would like to exchange into

The exchange process is performed daily. If a match for you is found, we will notify you by both email and mail.

How do I modify my exchange options?
If your exchange request is not confirmed, you can make changes as follows.

  • Click here to access the status on the member portal. Or from the Internal Exchanges menu, select IE Status
  • Once retrieved and available to do so, you may make changes to your options

Can I exchange my unit for a unit outside of México?
Yes, based on availability. The Internal Exchange program includes select resorts located in México, St Maarten, Curaçao and Aruba. click here for more information.

Can I request an exchange from this year for one next year?
Yes. Exchange requests must be submitted a minimum of 75 days prior to the interval requested or the interval owned, whichever occurs first and no more than 12 months from the date the request is submitted.

Can I exchange my unit for another at the same resort for a week prior to the week I own?
Yes. Provided the date needed is not less than 75 days from the date the request is submitted. If it is, please contact Membership Services for additional assistance.

Can I still bank my week with Interval International if my Internal Exchange was confirmed?
No. You can only bank/deposit the unit/week you own and it cannot be enrolled in any other program (e.g. Internal Exchange, Rental, etc.).

How long does it take to complete an Internal Exchange?
Searches for a confirmed match are performed daily. There is no guarantee of finding a confirmed match and it is not possible to predict how long an exchange may take to complete.

Why was my Internal Exchange request cancelled?
Requests are cancelled when the search comes to an end; 75 days prior to the interval/week requested or the interval/week owned, whichever occurred first.

I have an Internal Exchange confirmed but I want to cancel it. How do I do that?
A confirmed Internal Exchange cannot be canceled. You may have an opportunity to re-exchange. Contact Membership Services for assistance.

If I am enrolling a beachfront unit, will I receive a beachfront unit in exchange?
No. The only guarantee with an exchange is the resort, sleeping capacity and the occupancy dates. Unit assignments are performed upon check-in.

If I am a Royal Resorts member and using my unit, should I call first to confirm my arrival?
No. Your unit will be ready for you upon your arrival. The only conditions to enjoying your villa include:

  • Being current with your financial obligations towards the resort
  • Ensure your unit is not committed to another program (rentals, external exchanges etc.)

If needed, you can make your payment in members area. If you prefer, please contact us and we will gladly process your payment.

If I am a Simpson Bay Resort & Marina member and using my unit, should I call first to confirm my arrival?
No. It is no longer necessary to call us in advance to confirm your arrival. Be sure your payments are current and that your unit is not committed to any other program.

What if I cannot use my week?
You have many alternatives if you are unable to use your week. Here are some ideas with helpful links.

  • Exchange your week through our Internal Exchange Program
  • Enroll your unit in the members area and earn proceeds that may offset your CSF/RMF
  • Invite your friends and relatives to enjoy your week with an Owner Loan
  • Request a Guest Certificate and rent your unit independently
  • Exchange to another destination with Interval International (II) or RCI

How do I rent my unit?
You can participate in our rental program online at www.TheRentalProgram.com. Rental forms are available for you to download here and can be returned via email, fax or mail.

Where can I see if my unit was rented?
Visit www.TheRentalProgram.com to check the status of any unit you have enrolled in the Rental Program.

How can I sell my unit?
Members of the Royal Resorts in México can now list their property for sale with Vacatia.

Members of the Royal Resorts in the Caribbean may take advantage of the resale services provided by their resort and administered by Interval Servicing. Click here for more information or contact us and a representative will explain how the program works.

What if I want to travel to my resort in a different week?
An Internal Exchange may be the best option for you. You can register your unit into the program online here. If your interval or the one you are requesting is less than 75 days out, please contact us for assistance.

Can I rent my unit independently?
Yes. A Guest Certificate is a great way to give your renter a rental confirmation. It assures them that the unit/interval is up to date with the financial obligations and is available for occupancy. Your renter can then check in worry-free.

How do I get a copy of my bill?
You can request a copy of your bill by accessing our member portal. Use the "Contact Us" page, select the Payment category, select one or more contracts and type your request in the Message field. You may also contact Membership Services by phone or email.

Is it possible to make a partial payment of a Club Service Fee (CSF) or Resort Maintenance Fee (RMF)?
Yes. However, certain requirements need to be met in order to do this. Please contact our Membership Services to set up your account for partial payments.

What do I have to do if I want to use my Royal Resorts Rewards to pay my Club Service Fee (CSF)?
You can request to apply your Royal Resorts Rewards either through our member portal or by contacting Membership Services via phone or email.

Where do I check my Club Service Fee (CSF) or Resort Maintenance Fee (RMF) balance and due date?
You can retrieve your balance via the member portal using the "Payments" menu option. Balances are also available from our automated phone services or with one of our Membership Services counselors.

I sent my payment by mail. Where do I go to confirm that my payment was processed?
You can check your payment at the member portal using the "Payments" menu option. Posted payment information is also available from our automated phone services or with one of our Membership Service counselors.